Brands that Trust
in IHT

At Swiss Watch Atelier IHT, we are proud to offer aftersales service for a select range of independant watch brands. Additionally, we act as a concierge to promote and sell their exceptional timepieces.

From the avant-garde designs of Vianney Halter to the cutting-edge technology of HORAGE, from the Viennese elegance of Carl Suchy & Sohne to the pioneering 3D printed masterpieces of Holthinrichs Watches, we provide comprehensive support and expertise for each brand ensuring your timepiece receives the care it deserves.

Carl Suchy & Söhne

Carl Suchy & Söhne is an Austrian luxury watch brand, originally founded in 1822, renowned for its refined design and exceptional craftsmanship. Revived in 2017, the brand combines traditional Viennese elegance with modern Swiss precision.

Holthinrichs Watches

Holthinrichs Watches is a Dutch watch brand founded by Michiel Holthinrichs in 2013, known for its innovative use of 3D printing technology. The brand merges traditional watchmaking with cutting-edge techniques to create unique and detailed timepieces with both modern craftsmanship and classic design.


HORAGE is a Swiss watch brand that emphasizes innovative engineering and precision craftsmanship. HORAGE is known for its in-house developed movements and transparent approach to watchmaking.

Paul Gerber, Zürich

Paul Gerber is a renowned Swiss watchmaker celebrated for his extraordinary horological complications and custom timepieces. Operating out of Zurich, he has earned acclaim for his inventive designs and technical prowess, contributing significantly to the art of independent watchmaking.

Vianney Halter

Vianney Halter is a visionary independent watchmaker known for his avant-garde designs and innovative complications. Often inspired by steampunk and science fiction aesthetics, his creations push the boundaries of traditional watchmaking.